I love watching the moon rise... and the sunset.
The creative procees is an expression I can only access randomly.

Embracing my intuition, and being a mom are the most profound decisions I have ever made.

Yoga grounds me.
My music simply saves me.

My heart beats a bit faster when I think of frequency, energy and the power of breath.

I believe we all have a Soulmate, perhaps more than one.

I feel ultimate gratitude when someone shares how a session, or the Aligning method has altered their life.

It's vital you and I trust, without it we got nothing, but regret and uncertainty.

The heartfelt thought moves me when I recall I am completely provided for, and unconditionally loved.

We are guided.

Our decision brings us here.
You & me, Intuitively we choose... the perfect moment.

I'm elated you stopped by….




| ˌserənˈdipədē |beneficial or happy events occurring by chance: brilliant discovery, fortunate coincidence.

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