As a psychic, intuitive healer, medium, an artist and certified in hatha yoga. She is the Founder of Aligning INC, and has create The Aligning Program. Kathrine's intention is to empower people to find their own strength to make changes in their lives, heal their own spirits and understand their journey through life. She has discovered her purpose, a sense of peace with in her own life and practice. She comprehends unconditional love, clarity and empowerment is building blocks of our foundation. It is our rite and potential to experience an enlightened life.

Being supported by a family that has been intuitive for generations, was fortunate for her abilities as they were accepted and cultivated. Not being shunned or made to feel this was something she should hide was instrumental in developing her ability as psychic-medium at a young age. Her mother empowered her by teaching the use of tools of divination, She began scheduling sessions at the early age of eleven, this encouraged her growth, and strengthen her intuition.

As a medium, she communicate directly with the energy of departed loved ones who have crossed over into the afterlife. Spirits are eager to connect with and impart healing and loving messages to their family and friends. One of the most powerful experiences of an Awaken the Spirit session is the healing and knowledge a client receives of existence of a life after the mortal experience, as well the reality of reuniting with departed loved ones. Kathrine has created an Awaken the Spirit gathering for small groups and large audiences for the past twenty years. Her own spiritual growth has been dramatically affected by the experiences as a medium, as her faith in the divine and loving nature of a higher power has be confirm time and time again. Sessions for clients are in private and in groups. As well as for those who live across the United States and abroad via phone and internet.

Working with clients and within the community for over twenty-five years has inspired her to create a series of meditations and workshops, as well as The Aligning program, which is aimed at developing one's own authenticity, healing and intuitive abilities.

"I have made a commitment to guide others to have their own experience, so they may live the most awesome journey. I feel that it is vital for each person to understand that they have within themselves the power to live a healthy, enlightened life filled with love and peace." Kathrine Mitchell

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