I'm living life as an Intuitive, clairvoyant, creating art, and facilitating people to be their most amazing self. Everyday I choose to surround my self with a positive, clear energy, and a few crystals to illuminate life. I have simple yet life long mission to empower the individual, and assist them in finding their own strength, It's the only way we can make favorable change in our lives. To be the innovator in life we need to walk our unique journey, have a bit of insight, and perhaps heal our own spirits.

I started this cosmic journey at the young age of seven years old, The interest of astrology, and the wonder that planets in someway influenced our life path left my mom a bit surprised. I'm sure it was the summer of my eleventh birthday, I became intrigue with the tarot cards. My private passion to paint, draw, and design, (becoming obsessed with drawing the human eye(s), I still am) has lead to creating Touching the Soul; soul portrait, very much like intuitive painting utilizing watercolor. I am still in awe when sharing the panting procees with in enthused client.

The family has been intuitive for generations, means a really long time, and fortunately for me I felt supported, this helped cultivate my abilities. A few years had passed before I attempted to understand how I was perceiving the events beyond a normal sensory, this complex connection of 'feeling' and sensing things, or what we know as intuition.

The intention to strengthen my ability on a personally, and profession level would lead to research meditation and crystals, college classes came a little later wanting to comprehend the intelligent link with the psychological mind and emotional body.

In 1996, Everything Under the Moon, one of the first shops on long Island for the spiritually conscious opened its doors in small, yet quaint village of Islip, Ny. The shop expanded to a healing center, which offered a multitude of products and services to aid the spiritual warrior on their life path. I even created my own candles for love, healing and all that awesome stuff.

The needed to remain innovative and continue a higher, yet spiritual education was super important, not only to my own evolution, but also to offer the community the resources they needed to live optimal and reach enlightenment.

A teacher training of yoga, mindfulness and the discovery of The Tao Te Ching, (pronounced The Dao De Jing) zen philosophy inspired the next stage of my life, and of course my practice. Investing most of my energies in establishing an actual application, beyond the purchase of a crystal, or sessions the individual could tap into was the next step, This inspired the Aligning method, creating PDC, psychic development course and Intuitive Yoga, as well as a The Living Aligned manuscript!

With all of that said I am also very passionate about advocating for the less fortunate, specially focused on the needs of children, donating my services and resources whenever possible. One of the things I am proud of was the honor to have spent several years on the committee of the Marcie Mazzola foundation, providing for the need of children here on Long Island.

Reminiscing on the little girl who was fascinated with the stars and moon.... I am living the life I imagined., Lucky me! I have immense gratitude discovering my purpose of being in 'Service' has infused my life, with peace on so many levels.

It's surreal. However, I'm still reading, learning, creating, (silversmithing this time around) and teaching yoga, still practicing too. Most importantly bring insight and awareness to as many people as I can.

I've learned so much, and seen many miracles magically unfold for the last three decade in my practice on the Long Island,

I've comprehending a few of things I'd like to share.

At the foundation of all things is Unconditional love, it is the building blocks of life.

When we have clarity we are able to access our highest intelligence to create the most amazing experiences.

It is everyone's rite to be at peace.

Life circumstances has bought me a profound understanding, nurtured, in fact confirmed we are provide for and aligned with higher source.


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