The founder and creative mind of The Aligning method and Intuitive Yoga. An artist, advocate for children needs, and certified hatha yoga.

She began her journey at the young age of seven years old with the interest of astrology, and the wonder that planets in someway influenced our life path. By the age of eleven she began exploring the tarot cards, and a private passion to create, which included the mediums of drawing and painting.

Her family has been intuitive for generations, and fortunately supported and helped cultivated Kathrine’s abilities. Several years had passed before her attempt to understand the complex connection to her ‘feeling’ and sensing things, or what we know as intuition.

The intention to strengthen her ability on a personally and profession level would lead to the research of meditation and crystals, college classes came later to comprehend the intelligent link to the psychological mind and emotional body.

In 1996 she was certified in first degree Reiki, a method of hands on healing, and went on to receive her second degree.

The same year Everything Under the Moon, one of the first shops on long Island for the spiritually conscious opened its doors in small, yet quaint village of Islip, Ny. The shop expanding to a healing center, which offered a multitude of products and services to aid the spiritual warrior on their life path.

Remaining innovative to continue higher, yet spiritual education was important, not only to her own life, but also to offer the community the resources they needed to live optimal.

A teacher training of yoga, mindfulness and the discovery of The Tao Te Ching, ( pronounced The Dao De Jing) zen philosophy inspired the next stage of her practice. Investing most of her energies in establishing the Aligning method, and creating PDC, psychic development the Intuitive Yoga courses.

It is extremely important to her to be an advocate for the less fortunate, specially focus on the needs of children, donating her service and resource to charitable causes, and honored to have spent several years on the committee of the Marcie Mazzola foundation.

She has discovered her purpose, and a sense of peace within her personal life and career. Continuing her private practice in Long Island, NY, which has unfolded for over three decade. Comprehending that unconditional love, clarity and empowerment are the building blocks of life, nurtured and confirmed her belief we are provide for and aligned with higher source.

This profound understanding has established her belief, it is everyone’s rite and potential to experience peace and an enlightenment.

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