Intuitive Yoga

Intuitive Yoga

How Intuitive Yoga was created

In September 2011, I made my commitment. After 12 years of practicing yoga I decided to take on a four month long journey of a yoga study program. My good friend, Angela, was offering the program in her yoga studio, I felt the opportunity presented it self to inspire me, as well as strengthen my own practice.

The four month journey touched me so deeply, mere words could not express the liberation and empowerment I feel. Yoga has become essential part of my work, as a psychic and intuitive healer. The unfolding process has helped me remain clear and open for the information that is needed to flow through for my life, as well as for my clients.

Intuitive YogaI created the program based on my on practice, which is intuitive. Breath, mantra and asana will be presented. My intention is to go within, bring the energies and focus back into the body. We will slow down, so we may become conscious of the mind, body and spirit being one. When we acknowledging this connection we can hear the voice of the soul speak to us...

I created a sacred space - I light a candle - sit on my mat - and I breathe consciously ... and from that experience Intuitive yoga was created.

Intuitive Yoga

We will unveil our natural state of intuition. Exploring Meditation, Mantra and Asana. Our focus will be on the heart center and opening of Ajina and Sahasrara, also known as the third eye and crown chakras. You will learn how to create a sacred space, within the body, as well as in your environment. Find balance and clarity, so we may empower our intuition. As well as have the opportunity to align with the higher-self.

The Master Class or four week class begins with meditation, balance and grounding asana, I will also incorporate tools to enhance our intuition, crystals as well as essential oilWe begin with the basics of Intuitive Yoga, meditation, balance and grounding asana to build our foundation. We will explore tools to enhance our intuition, crystals as well as oils will be incorporated. As we progress forward into the next level of Intuitive yoga, our focus will be to expand into mantra, meditation and unite asana and breath, so we may strength our core, as well as the link to the higher-self.

Beginners to yoga are welcome.

Private session one hour $90. Three session $250.


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