Intuitive Yoga

The Eight Limb Path

I think I have always attempted to be mindful. The desire to reach enlightenment, or simply peace has been at the foundation of most of my decision I'v made since I can remember. Discovering the Eight Limbs Path, before I truly committed to a practice of Asana, or posture, aided in the realization that service would be my mission in life. Of course I would need to move forward and make my commitment in September, 2011 to a yoga study program.

The four month journey inspired me more than mere words could express. The liberation and empowerment I felt has made Yoga an essential part of my life, and work. 18 years of practicing yoga has strengthened my connects to my intuition, motherhood, the community, and simply being a compassionate human.

Intuitive Yoga
Cathedral Rock Sedona Arizona

Creating the program based on my on practice, felt like the next step, which is focus on the connection to psychical, mental and intuitive state. Breath, mantra and asana is presented with the intention to go within, bring the focus back into the self, slowing down so we may become conscious of our mind, body and energy being one. When we acknowledging this connection we can sense the higherself, or higher intelligence possibility guide us.


Intuitive Yoga

We will unveil our natural state of intuition, exploring meditation, mantra and Asana. Our focus will be on the heart center, opening the third eye and crown chakras. We will learn how to create a sacred space, within the body, as well as in your environment. Find balance and clarity, so we may empower our intuition.

We begin with the basics of Intuitive Yoga, meditation, balance and grounding asana to build our foundation. We will explore tools to enhance our intuition; breath work as well as journalling and crystals will be incorporated.

As we progress forward into our practice, our focus will be to expand into mantra, a sound/word we use in meditation to unite asana and breath. Ultimately strengthening our mental focus and physical core, as well as align to the higher-self.

Beginners are always welcome.

Private sessions:

• One session
• A series of three session


• One day
• Master Class: four weeks




Intuitive Yoga
Kathrine, Cathedral Rock Sedona Arizona


In the Western world most people who attend a yoga class believe it entails a perfection of complex postures,



It's intense to think I'm going on a twentieth year of practicing yoga.


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