Tips for having an empowering session:

  1. Be clear, open and relaxed

  2. Arrive without exceptions.

  3. Remain calm and release anxiety.

  4. Do not wear perfume or cologne.

  5. Remove watch or cell phone from personal space.

  6. No caffeine several hours before session.

  7. No alcohol or drug use.

  8. Prepare a few questions.

  9. Remember, we have the power to choose and create our life path.

• Crystal :

This session will cover the basics, accessing the emotional, mental, physical aspects, in hope we may have an intense view of your life path, discover your dreams and goals, and explore your environment, as well as family, relationships, career and health.

• Crystal: second level
The Session of No Boundaries.
We will draw upon your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. We will look forward 5 years plus, as well as discuss your dreams and goals, and purpose. The session will explore your environment and those whom share it, their intention, and our purpose in life. It is an excellent session for those who feel they may be experiencing some form of transformation. We will cover all transitions, spiritual growth & personal empowerment.

Touching The Soul: A Soul Portrait

The water is the universal energy, the paint is the soul's expression, and the canvas represents you. Universal energy is linked to the soul, the soul sends vibration to the heart, the heart then intuitively interprets the feeling, which unfolds on to the canvas.

You will experience the unique adventure of connecting to your soul's journey.
You will create your portrait as a lucid flow occurs, the watercolor and canvas transform and become one. A possible message may be revealed. Kathrine, will offer guidance with an interpretation, in hope to discover, celebrate and enjoy our soul's journey.
This one of a kind painting is yours to keep.

Touching the soul: Intuitive Soul Portrait

Thirty minutes

One hour and half

• Relationship
In this session we will cover in depth your emotional well being as well as the intention of your partner or potential partners. How you may empower your relationships and heal them as well as your self. All romantic, love, and soulmate connections.

• Awaken the Spirit
There is life unknown to us beyond this space and time, Kathrine refers to it as the 'Here and Here'. A thin veil lies between the spirit realm and our earth bound experience.

We will attempt to connect and communicate loving and healing messages of family and friends from the other side.
additional fee applies for more than one client

• Mindful Meditation
The session will teach the participant the link to The Vital life force; breath, stillness and quieting the mind based on the Aligning method.

Sessions offered by appointment only.

Phone or Skype session.

  • Crystal
  • Relationship
  • Touching the Soul; soul portrait


Group rates and gatherings

We offer gathering outside of the office through out the metro area for small or large groups and gathering.

  • Intuitive sessions
  • TTS: Soul Portraits
  • Awaken the Spirit


Hourly rate, please call for email for more information.

Sessions are offered by appointment only.


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