I fell in love with my first crystal at the age of 17. Feeling the importance to share their beauty, energy and metaphysical properties has inspired my own collection, an intuitive jewelry line, Rooted in the Earth, as well as many classes and shop I opened in 1996, Everything Under The Moon.

The Intention when opening Everything Under the Moon was to awaken a spiritual awareness and enlightenment with products and classes not available any where on the Island at the time. In few years of being open the studio had expanded from a few tarot decks and essential oils to a powerful collection of spiritual tools of the highest quality, and workshops to bring guidance and empowerment for the spiritual warrior on their journey.

In 2010 an opportunity was presented to take the creative plunge to the next stage of my life, and with great sadness in 2013 I decide to close the doors on Everything Under Moon. Pursuing my work as an author, artist, yoga teacher, as well as creating The Aligning method, a spiritual and personal development program. All of this has bought so much growth and expansion in my life, however I do miss the little ole shop, it has added so much to an already amazing journey.

It is still so important for me to share and inspire the community, and to bring those seeking closer to comprehending their life path.

On our site we have crystals, workshops, as well as inspiration. We will be adding links to self guided meditations, Rooted, my intuitively inspired jewelry collection, also practitioners and facilitator I trust that can also aid you on your journey.

If needed please reach out by email, we'd be happy to offer a bit of insight.

Peace & bliss, Kathrine


We carry a large array of crystals; grades, shapes, sizes, color, as well as price vary. If we do not carry, it can be order and shipped.

Please Note: The term 'Master Crystal' is defined s a Crystal with high frequency and should be use mindfully as an advance practitioner or with a facilitator.

Adamite: This stone provides for inner strength when dealing with emotional issues and helps one to vocalize personal sentiments. It instills one with courage to pioneer into the unknown and stimulates prosperity.

African Spirit Quartz: Master Crystal To reach higher consciousness; To transcend all earthly attachments. Assist with channeling and psychic ability. A stone with healing properties.

Amethyst: Opens third eye chakra, clears aura, bestows peace, strength, and stability. Helps break addiction.

Amber: Transforms negative energy into positive energy. Healing. Calms nerves and enlivens disposition. Dedicated to connecting the conscious self to universal perfection.

Apophyllite: Master Crystal. A crystal of facilitating and strengthening conscious.

Linking one to higher consciousness communication. It is an energy stimulator that brings high crystal energy to mystical, and other endeavors. Excellent for meditation, vision and astral travel.When utilized with the third eye chakra, it may enhances clairvoyance. This can help one see the truth on many planes, facilitates bringing this truth to the Earth plane for use in spiritual growth; as we discover the truth we will make decision based on what we have uncovered.

Aquamarine: "Stone of Courage" Provides a shielding property for the aura. Helps attune to spiritual levels of awareness. Truth, connection, expression. Comprehension of what the mind cannot hear or understanding.

Aragonite Star: Eases stress and anger, helpful in preparing for meditation, enhances one's patience and helps one "maintain" during times of excessive responsibility.

Aura Gold Quartz: Master Crystal. Aura Quartz is used in meditation and can help one meditate on finding the proper course of action in life. It is said to help with angelic communication and communicating with Higher Self and inner wisdom. It is said to bring peace and bliss because of the angelic protection it brings. It can protect, balance, and bring energetic health. In addition it has been said to assist in raising Kundalini energy in a more gentle manner. This quartz that is permanently treated by fusing gold, titanium, platinum or silver. (The Sedona Crystal)

Azurite: Master Crystal It awakens the development of the psychic self and provides for insight into all areas of ones life. Enhances creativity, aligns the chakras and attunes the structure of the physical body. Healing on multiply levels. Accessing the heart center to communicating it's knowledge.

Azurite with Malachite: This crystal has the properties of both Azurite and Malachite. When combined it helps one to meditate by going deep within in order to be reinvented into the light. Healer 's stone.

Black Tourmaline: Protection. Use for increased vitality, emotional stability, eliminates

negativity, opens root chakra, a "grounding stone" .

Blue Apatite: Use to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and an awareness of "other" worlds. Can provide insights into past lives, enhances creativity and deeper states of meditation, stimulates and opens throat chakra.

Black Kyanite: This stone immediately aligns all chakras while grounding and balancing yin/yang energies. It dispels all energy blockages and is great for meditation.

Blue Kyanite: Master Crystal. Aligns all chakras immediately. Use to open all chakras. It is a stone of transformation. Stimulates throat chakra. Use for meditation

Calcite: cleansing, balancing, reconciliation.

Celestite: A stone for mental activities and used for astral travel. Provides hope in days of despair and a fluency in communication.

Chalcedony: This stone is used for balancing the energy of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. It symbolizes benevolence and good will and alleviates hostility, irritability, and melancholy.

Chrysocolla with a touch of Malachite: It can help to ease emotional heartache and to give renewed strength and balance; it further increases ones capacity to love. In healing, chrysocolla helps one to attune to the perfection of the universe, in order to facilitate re- alignment toward the perfect state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Citrine: Dissipates and transmutes all negativity and fear. Helps accumulate wealth, opens, activates and energizes the solar plexus and navel chakras. Increases one's personal power and creativity, creates emotional balance, and stimulates intuition.

Clear Quartz: Master Crystal. Clarity. Purification, Healing. Activating chakra energy centers. Can be used to enhance frequency of other crystals

Copper: Release all self imposed restrictions, emits. A philosophic energy, activates and opens base and sacral chakras, enhances sexual energy, desire, and vitality. Supports the frequency of other crystals. Helps soothe arthritis, bursitis and assists circulatory s

Danburite: The "stone of self love" activates the heart chakra, helps one towards enlightenment and realization, and helps one follow one's path.

Desert Rose Selenite: Achieve a state of total awareness, complete alignment with higher self as one becomes grounded. A stabilizing crystal, as one begins to explore connection to energy and the Higher-self. Allows one guidance through visual images.

Dolomite: Encourages energetic and impulsive original thinking and manifestation.
It can be used to stop leakage of energy from chakras. Link sone to communication with the divine self. When used with precious metals will access an unconditional state.

Dravite: Clears the aura, protects, grounds one in the energy of the earth, and prepares the chakra energy centers for alignment. It helps stimulate the growth of plants.

Emerald: The " stone of successful love" instill sensitivity and loyalty, enhances memory, opens , activates and stimulates the heart chakra, eliminates negativity and brings harmony to life, said to also advantage one in legal affairs.

Fluorite:. Purple, green and clear quality of this crystal will open and align the heart , throat, third-eye and crown chakras increasing one's level of compassion, communication emotions and spiritual insights and a "Crystal of insight and understanding. Comes in many colors

Green Apatite: Helps open heart to receive gifts of emotional and spiritual guidance. This stone can be used to develop ones psychic ability. Associated with the heart and throat chakras.

Hematite: Grounding or stabilizes, for protection. In spiritual work, hematite/connected to the Earth plane, a silver cord, spiritual learnings and travels can be done safely, so what learned can be brought back easily.

Hemimorphite: Decrease "self-centeredness" and also to enhance one's self esteem, self transformation, personal evolution, and health.

Herkimer Diamond: A beautiful intense crystal aids with clarity. High frequency. Enhances clairvoyance and clairaudience. Use with Soul-Journey work. Healing.. Magnifies others crystal properties.

Indian Kyanite: A stone of transformation, also called the "wind of change stone." Helps through intuition and compassion. Perfect for meditation.

Infinite: A powerful healing stone known for its angelic, peaceful, and calming qualities. It awakens intuition and opens the heart chakra.

Jasper: Known as the "supreme nurturer." It is a reminder that we are not only here for ourselves but also to bring joy and substance to others, assisting others to release the bonds of constraint. It helps send loving energy toward ones physical manifestation. Helps keep up your energy. Different colors provide additional properties.

Kunzite: Master Crystal. Unconditional love. Infinite perception. Assist in connecting to higherself. Intuition Alpha Brain wave & Theta healing. Motherhood. Restful. Aligns heart, throat, and third-eye chakras and connects one to the infinite source of love. This is a powerful channeling stone enabling one to communicate with spiritual entities.

Lapis: "The stone of total awareness," clears, activates and energizes the throat and third eye chakras. Aids in the release of one's psychic and intuitive potential and helps one through emotionally trying situations. Protecting one as used for psychic ability.

Larimar: Master Crystal. This is a "stone of Earth healing." It represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love. It helps one to see the truth and have a greater understanding of being in this world. It can also be used to bring serenity to an environment and providing a message of loving energy to those of other worlds.

Lepidolite: A "stone of transition", Gently change. Assists in the releasing behavioral and psychological patterns that no longer serve us. Emotional healing, Calming, minimizing stress, anxiety and depression.

Malachite: Associated with the heart and the throat chakra. It assists in changing situations and provides for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution. This is a stone of healing.

Moonstone: Balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It is used for protection during travel and is also a talisman of good fortune.

Optical Selenite: A rare grade of selenite used for clearing blockages and imbalances in the major and minor chakras. Also for overcoming self imposed limitations that hinder true psychic visions, travel, and connection to higher self.

Pyrite: Provides protection on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels. It encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being, as well as enhancing memory.

Pink Tourmaline: Experience ultimate love, not only with one self but with another.

Rose Quartz: Cleanse the heart chakra of emotional pain and negativity opens one to love on all levels: self, relationship, compassion. Called "the love stone."

Ruby: Grounding stone, gathers and amplifies one's energy and protects against unhappiness. Use for heart and root chakra.

Ruby Bliss/ Sapphire: Encourages one to follow their bliss, it will light the darkness of one's life and protect on all levels. It brings health, wealth, and wisdom. Stimulates the heart and throat chakras.

Sapphire: "The stone of prosperity," eliminates frustration bringing joy and peace, stimulates throat chakra aiding in communication of thoughts and emotions.

Selenite: Master Crystal. Visual images of past and future during meditation, allows one to achieve a state of total awareness and entrance into psychic realms.

Smoky Quartz: Master Crystal. Psychic protection, we are clear we become grounded. An extraordinary amulet of protection, helps guard the home. One of the most efficient crystals for grounding and cleansing.

Sodalite: Truth Stone. Empowerment. True expression. Universal design. Creatively. Innovation. Stimulates the pituitary gland, which opens up your spiritual perception.

Sulfur Quartz: Promotes an abundance of energy by cleansing the self of negativity and melts the barriers blocking progress. It opens and activates the solar plexus chakra allowing one to gain greater control over their emotions, fears, and ego. This stone also has all of the beneficial qualities of clear quartz.

Tektite: This stone is a form of meteoric glass. It hinders lasting impressions of undesirable experiences and encourages lasting impressions of desirable experiences. It balances the feminine and masculine properties of ones character and stimulates the natural order of growth, development, and completion.

Vesuvianite: Clear the mind of triviality. Helps during periods of change. Provides emotional and sexual balance, stimulates creativity and intuition, and helps one express details of visions and psychic experiences.

Whitlockite: Strength to the emotional side of one's nature. Provides intellectual stimulation, helps increase and intensify one's power and balances that power with love.


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