"Kathrine is eager to enable people to set themselves free, to shake off the bonds of judgement, and self judgement, to help all she meets to unblock themselves and become that which they truly are." - Laura, Seaford NY

"Kathrine is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. God has given her a gift that has allowed her to bring so much light into this world, yet embodies a normalcy as I've never seen before in someone of her spiritual caliber. She certainly is one of God's most precious gifts." - Bryan, South Hampton, NY

"Kathrine has cleared the darkness that I've been under for the past year. She showed me that the light is there for me, I just have to open my eyes. I feel a sense of relief knowing that I've been through the worst and now I can finally move on. Big change is going to happen for me and I just need to enjoy it." - Susanna, NJ

"Kathrine has helped me with decisions and things I wasn't sure of. She made me think about things I was having some problems with and things I was unsure of and curious. She is a great person and she knows what she is talking about. I hope you have a good experience, like i did." - Michael, Soho, NY

"So many questions answered, so many doors opened. Life is good. I rejoice each day I am allowed to open my eyes." - Jenna C. Pittsburgh, PA

"Kathrine is a beautiful person who showed me certain things about myself and my life. I would like to thank you for seeing the way you can see." - Katlyn, Forrest Hills, NY

"I knew it was going to be a special experience. Kathrine's loving energy and her warm personality were very welcoming. We both felt very much at home. Before we began Kathrine told us that the session had already started long before we arrived. She proceeded to tell us that she came across a few items during the course of the day that had some significance to our meeting. The first being a ten year old receipt, the numbers on this receipt would have some meaning to us, and it did. The numbers equalled my birthday. This was followed by an intimate message from my mother about my birth being one of the happiest days of her life. The contact with my mother was validated by specific details of her pregnancy and my birth. Through out the session Kathrine made contact with several family members including my father, grandmother, and nephew. All of them relaying messages of love. As the session was nearing its end, Kathrine was getting a strong message of flowers and gardening. She kept emphasizing the growing of flowers and finally told me that I would be receiving the gift of flowers from the other side. Given the relevancy of all her other messages I had no doubt that I would. Prior to us leaving, Kathrine gave the both of us a metal rod shaped like a sunflower and said that she had found them earlier and felt compelled to give them to us. The next day I was at home and saw someone walking in my backyard. I quickly realized that I had forgotten that I had scheduled a consultation with a solar panel company and the man in my yard was here to take pictures and measurements. I walked outside and introduced myself, and after some small talk he reached into his pocket and handed me three packets. He said "this is just a little gift from our company." It took me a minute to realize that this man had just handed me packets of sunflower seeds. Upon this realization, I was filled with an overwhelming gratitude, for I had received my gift of flowers from the other side. I can't say enough about Kathrine and her wonderful gift. This experience has only strengthened my belief that life is a journey with no definitive end." - Matt Brookhaven, NY


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