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Healing with Angel Cards, Doreen Virtue

I must have picked an Angel card everyday for months! I found a bit of guidance to start out my busy day. I had ended a long term friendship, however it was healthy for me to do so, it did not make the process any easier. I reached for my deck of Angel cards and asked when will I be healed? What happen next was so powerful; an Angel card flew right from the deck and landed on to the ground face up. The Angel card said one thing, the only thing I needed to hear as I read it out loud 'Healing". The card's Defintion was simple, it read "Your worries will soon be over, because this card signifies healing has occurred." A miracle happened head, shoulders and heart all felt lighter. I felt it was true a healing had happened. Looking back now at the twelve, or so years pasted, It is wonderful to now I have support all around me, family, friends, and my Angels

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