Touching The Soul: a Soul Portrait

The water is the universal energy, the paint is the soul's expression, & the canvas represents you.

Universal energy is linked to the soul, the soul sends vibration to the heart, the heart then intuitively interprets the feeling, which unfolds on to the canvas.

Hello there, I'm so honored you've taken time to stop in.
I imagine you are on your own journey, perhaps a soul journey...

My own dream came true combining the creative process & my intuition...
Very early in life I felt this liberating connection to a grand energy, perhaps inspiring us & to offer us guidance in someway, My thoughts wandered to know how could we access this information or insight.

Motivated, and more open in my early twenties,, I stared panting again & for just about a
decade I attempted to express my authentic self with the creative process. The intention to connect & then finally reaching this outlet of expression was one of the most powerful & humbling things I could ever do,

Intuitive portraits began with a creative intention, and then lead to insight, empowerment and understanding my life path. I felt I was able to connect to this unseen grand power that plays a role in our every day life as guidance, In the portraits I would always find a possible message of colors, & shapes within the hidden meaning of the multilayered watercolor flowing onto the canvas.

Comprehending I needed to creating a safe space where others could also experience the magically merging of the watercolor, canvas & insight would be the next step.

I am thrilled as my heart is filled with so much love as we walk together on the soul's journey.


Touching the Soul: Soul Portrait

We have a vital connection to the Higher-Self, If we are in need of clarity, and insight all we need are the appropriate tools to access the sacred space...

A lucid flow occurs as the watercolor and canvas transform and become one. A possible message may be revealed. We hope to find empowerment and reconnect to the Self. We may discover the unknown or recover our path, which will guide us on our soul's journey.

Introduction session thirty minutes Full session one hour and half


Touching the Soul Class; Soul painting

In this experiential class we will experience tools of mediation and painting, together these tools will create your soul's portrait. We will bring the watercolor, brushes and canvas as you will experience the unique adventure of connecting to your soul's journey.

In our class we will create a portrait as watercolor and canvas become a lucid flow, and transform to become one. The colors, shapes and the possible connection to our life path will then be defined. Perhaps a message may be revealed, of course with the insight from Kathrine

This one of a kind painting is yours to keep.

No painting experience needed. Canvas is approximately 5x7 All materials included.

Private events also available when booking a Touching The Soul event at your choice of location,


TTS: Intuitive Cards Classes

We all wish for a bit of guidance in hope to make the best decision for our life path. All we need is our very own intuitive cards to help us access our internal voice and intuition...

In our Intuitive card class we will create a lighthearted, happy and safe space utilizing the lucid flow of watercolor, mixed media and intuition.
Each week we will have an intention and access the tools to inspire us. Building our collection based on the most important elements of our lives to create our own unique deck of seven designs.

• First week: Grounding • Second week :Peace
• Third week: Truth
• Fourth week: Love
• Fifth week: Healing • Sixth week: Trust
• Seven week Surrender
•Order of or intention may change without notice

The colors, shapes and placement have meaning.

We will defined our best with insight from Kathrine. Also supporting each other as we
attempt to recognize the signs presented within the multi-layer masterpiece. However, leaving a bit of mystery as we hope our deck will assist in the discovery of our own unique vision and internal dialogue.

Signs & Symbols booklet will be available to help us interpret a possible meaning. A mini version is yours to take home with the completion of the course.

You become the innovator, the originator of your own Touching the Soul: Intuitive cards to use for all the days, and years to come.



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