Touching the Soul

In the state of our universal and world structure there are great changes. The changes that are happening not only affect our world as well as our community, but also affect our psychological, physiological, and spiritual being. As we exist in our everyday life we may lose feeling or sight of these important connections. We need clarity to embrace the changes and make the best possible choices to live ultimately.

The water is the universal energy, the paint is the soul's expression, and the canvas represents you. Universal energy is linked to the soul, the soul sends vibration to the heart, the heart then intuitively interprets the feeling, which has unfolded on to the canvas.

A lucid flow occurs as the watercolor and canvas transform and become one. A possible message may be revealed. We hope to find empowerment and reconnect to the Self. We may discover the unknown or recover our path, which will guide us on our soul's journey.

Introduction session thirty minutes


Full session one hour and half


Touching the Soul workshop

In this experiential workshop we will experience tools of mediation and painting, together these tools will create your soul's portrait.

Discover the tools to reconnect to your essence...to understand your soul's journey. In this workshop we will discuss our link to the universal consciousness. We will experience with the flow of watercolor and canvas your soul's portrait painted and revealed. The colors, shapes and message will then will be defined, of course with the guidance from Kathrine. Your portrait is yours to keep. There is no painting experience needed and all material will be provided.



Journey Mother
Journey Birth
Fee for prints: 5x7 $29, 8x10 $75


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