Workshops & Sessions

Aligning With The Higher Self - 2 day workshop

We will experience the opportunity to create and comprehend Peace, Intuition and Healing, We will use Meditation to calm the senses, become mindful to choose Empowered, and Authenticity as we Align with the higher self.

What we hope for is the beginning of a profound shift of awareness back to the ' Self ‘.

In the two day workshop we will utilize several modalities from the Aligning program.

We will start with the steps to build balance with in our aligning process. In our first meeting breath work, or the vital life force will be our focus. This act of breathing will reduce anxiety, and help us return to our safe place, it will also be the build blocks of your meditation practice. Our second day will become a bit more intense as we uncover our intention, and begin the path into self discovery. We hope to recognize our self limiting patterns, so we may design a life with unlimited potential. As we bring the awareness of the heart center and the higher-self link we aspire to discover our true self. We will begin recognize an empowering opportunity to create a life where we are complete, and infinite possibilities are the only option

1st day
Discussion of the Vital Life Force
Breath Work
Meditation and silence
Defining Word Work

2nd day
Experiencing Word Work
The Eight Second Rule
Peace Circle
Mind Motion Movement
Infinite Perception

Living Aligned Classes:

• Aligning with Trust
• Aligning with Peace

Living Aligned Meditation

Most of us are on the journey to live a peaceful life. As we move through the events of our daily routine it is important we have the basics to design the most awesome experience.We share the tools to live within our center, and remain aligned with the higher-self. The Living Aligned meeting will consist of a mediation and breath work, as well as topics to remain balanced and aligned.


Touching the Soul Workshop: A Soul Portrait


In this experiential class we will discuss our link to the higher-self, experience tools of mediation and painting, Together these tools will create your soul's portrait. I will bring my watercolor, brushes and canvas as you will experience a unique adventure of connecting to your soul's journey. You will create your portrait with a lucid flow of watercolor and canvas, as we watch the paint and water transform and "Journey" become one. In your portrait a possible message may be revealed. We hope to find guidance, empowerment and reconnect to the authentic Self, This one of a kind painting is yours to keep.

No painting experience needed.. All materials included. Canvas approximate size 5x7 Exchange


Awaken the Spirit

Join us for this very powerful evening of life-never ending. Knowing our loved ones are there guiding us with every choice we make, and walking with us every step we take.
There is life unknown to us beyond this space and time, Kathrine refers to it as the 'Here and Here'. A thin veil lies between the spirit realm and our earth bound experience. It cannot be seen with the everyday sight, however at times we can step through this translucent fabric, and may feel, hear or even see the energy, or spirit of our loved ones. Kathrine will make connections to family and friends from the other side and communicate their messages. She wishes to share the information to bring healing and light to those still Here experiencing life on the earth bound realm. She will also share the tools to recognize your own connections to the Here & Here.



Learn how to use the energy of crystals for healing, developing our intuitive self, and reaching your spiritual potential. Every crystal vibrates in harmony with one or more of the energies that surrounds and permeates the body. Crystal energy helps to open, activate, balance and calm these energies. In this class you will choose a crystal to take home, two option will be available.


Intuitive Yoga

We begin with the basics in Intuitive Yoga, the class will consist of breath work, balance and grounding asana to build a strong foundation. Our intention is to bring the energy and the focus back into the body, so we may slow down and become conscious of the mind, body and spirit connection. We will unveil our natural state of intuition as we explore meditation, mantra, and experience crystals to enhance our intuition. Our focus will be on the heart center and opening up the crown chakra. As we unfold within our postures a discussion on how we may create a sacred space within the body, and our environment. Beginners to yoga are welcome.



Chakra in the sacred language Sanskrit means wheel. Wheels of color, light and energy spin in the center of our spiritual body and affect our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Come discover and understand how to balance, empower, heal and clear the energy with the tools of crystals, sound, color and meditation.


Intention Workshop

It is obvious we all wish to create the most optimal experience for ourselves, however it may not be clear on how simple it may be to manifest what we truly desire. If we have an intention we may think this is simply enough. Unfortunately, up until now your efforts of wishful hopes have fallen short. We will discover the tools to create the path to living a life we imagined, and the ability to manifest our intention, remove possible blocks and create from our authentic self. This is an experiential workshop, all material are included.


Have you every had a gut feeling...that came true? Do your dreams tell you stories about future events? Come nurture this natural state called Intuition. We all at one point have wished that we could foretell the future, or make the best choice during times of transition, as well as letting the higher-self guide us. We will share the tools to strengthen your intuition, and live with a foundation of certainty. Learn to trust and understand what we feel, as we begin to identify your own unique intuitive language. The experiential aspect of this workshop will cover psychometry, mediation and crystals.

Second Sight - 1 day class

We all at one point have wished that we could foretell the future, or make the best choice during
times of transition, as well as letting the higher-self guide us. Come join Kathrine for the one day experience, as we step deeper into the unfolding of of our natural state of intuition. She will share the tools to strengthen your ability and live with a foundation of certainty. Learn to trust and understand what you feel, as you begin to identify your own unique language of signs and symbols. We will begin to comprehend the communication to the higher-self. The Chakra system will be discussed in detail, as well and information to "ground" and protect your space. The experiential aspect of this workshop will cover psychometry, mediation and crystals, and many other tools available to you.


Psychic development course

This course is for the individual wanting to learn how to trust their intuition, for the beginner ready to commit to a serious practice, as well as for the one seeking out to deepen the understanding of medium-ship and channeling.

The Intention for the series of classes is to empower the individual to discover the natural state of intuition. When we learn to trust the self we can make choices to create an optimal outcome, avoid unnecessary challenges. We may choose to live without anxiety and be peaceful, as Kathrine believes peace supports our intuition. We will discover what type of intuition you utilize, as well as explore many tools which will strengthen your ability.
The course will also give the "serious" practitioner the option to take what they have learned to the next level and establish their on intuitive practice. The tools shared will assist in creating a sacred space, as well as design and market their business with integrity.

Psychic ability
Sacred Space
Mind Motion Movement
The Chakras
Mediumship and Channeling
Crystals and Tools
Sessions and Practice
The Reader

In the Psychic Development Course we will experience eight classes approximately 4 hours each. The option to attend individual classes will be on the events registration page. This course will offer a certificate of completion, however all classes must be attended to receive certificate. The option for make up class will be arranged if needed.


Rooted ...Intuitive Jewelry Making

The Earth has given us gifts of precious crystal, rock and gems. They have been molded into small and large beads, so we may utilize their energy to live enlightened, empowered and to heal. Each crystal has it's own vibration. When intuitively guided to the 'right' crystal it will assist us to align with our highest good. We will use crystals and beads to create a unique piece of jewelry, as well as a detail discussion on the meaning and use these sacred stones.

Tarot Cards

Come explore one of the most exciting and popular tools of divination. In this class, we will cover spreads, meanings of major arcana, as well as suits and some personal secrets of the tarot not shared in any of the books.


A Journey for Children

As we all know our journey begins in childhood... In this workshop, we will help children find empowerment, trust and a natural flow to be creative with meditation, use watercolors and


A Forum ~ Enlightenment

There comes a time in our lives when we begin to question the meaning of our lives. What does it all mean? Where will this path lead me? I felt it was important to create a scared space where we can gather and share, feel inspired, so we may discover our enlightenment...

and with that said I was inspired to created The Forum.

We focus on topics with an open discussion, as well as experience the tools to awaken the understanding and responsibility to ourselves and others, and explore the possibilities to live with integrity and peace.


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